Feudalism 1

This is a great strategic game with many characters, a wide range of weapons, maps and a complex plot. The game is more than excellent created, putting at the players’ disposal a tutorial that will guide you through the entire game, will offer you details about maps, building, and warriors and so on.

It has an excellent graphic of a very high quality and also the sound effects are outstanding. The worlds created in Feudalism 1 will simple fascinate you. There are lots of options for the players, so they can pick the warrior that they want, the difficulty that they want and many other features that can help the players in their tasks.

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Guide of Feudalism 1

With the help of this guide, the player will learn the basics and how to survive during the game, not to mention how to win the game.

In the first place you will get to know the map of your city where are localized several buildings that will belong to you. The first building is known as the City Hall. From that building you will be able to see your status of hero, you can demand tasks, or even to declare war to the town. The other building is known as the Forge. As the name says that is the place where you can manufacture your weapons and armors. The next building is the Barracks which can be used for recruiting and disbanding the troops that will help you in your tasks. The last building is the Temple, the place where you can purchase potions and scrolls.

When you will leave the city you will be guided towards the world map where you can move your hero. Also, the guide will take you to the battlefields, to meet your troops and it will show you several tricks that can be used during the game in order to heal your allies and to win the battles.

If the game does not work well on your computer means that its quality is too high to be supported by it. In this case you have the option of changing the quality of the game. The quality can be low, medium or high. In this way, it will be possible for you to play the game without having visible issues.

If you liked this game, check out the second game as well.In my opinion it is even more fun !


How to control Feudalism 1

Your hero can be easily controlled using the keys WASD or the arrow ones. You can attack using the Space key or Numpad 0. Your troops do not require any control as they are pretty smart to move and to attack on their own. However, you have the option to stop them or to make them swap their weapons if you want. For using healing potions or scrolls in case that you and your troops are injured you can use the keys from 1 to 6. At first you may not remember all the control keys, but trust me, you will get a hold of it fairly quickly. The on-screen instructions are very helpful as well, so take advantage of them !

Key controls for Feudalism 1

  • If you want to go up you can use the arrow up or W.
  • If you want to go down you can use the down arrow or S.
  • If you want to go to the left you can use the left arrow or A.
  • If you are planning to move right you can use the right arrow as well D.
  • For attack you can use the Space bar.
  • For swapping weapons you can use the key Shift.

The game is quite easy to play as long as you understand the basics and you go through the guide. Everything is explained in detail and if you have some strategic skills you will love everything about it.


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