Feudalism 2

Feudalism 2 is an excellent strategic game sponsored by Arcade Town. This incredible game has a complex plot, a huge number of characters, a wide range of weapons as swords, guns, spells and so on. You will be extremely attracted by the complexity of the game as well by the great characters that can be used. You will have several characters from 6 different regions from the entire world.

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The characters can be customized by you when you will start advancing in the game. At the beginning you will only be the hero of a small town that has great goals. Your only desire will be to become the greatest King of the world. Because of this you will start wandering across the world challenging others to the battle and of course to win those battles in order to reach your goals.

The characters of Feudalism 2

As it was mentioned above there are several characters that can help you to reach your goal. You can choose whichever you want and when you will become better you can also customize them.

The first character is Edgar, the lord of the Great Trade Republic. This character is a master of swords. He is capable of fighting with two swords, spears and bows. Those that are making part of its republic are skillful when it comes to producing swords, armors and bows.

The second character is Selena the Princess of the Great Trade Republic. She is a sharp shooter and medic. She can easily become an expert in two swords style, crossbow and dagger. She can offer a great support to the squad.

The third character is Karl, which is the Bishop of the Order Holy Cross. He is an excellent squad commander and supporter. He can learn fast the art of one handed weapons, two handed weapons and throwing knifes. Those who are making part of this order are skillful people in creating armors and maces.

The fourth character is Elizabeth a Priest of the Order of Holy Cross. She is a universal fighter. She is capable of learning fast how to fight with the spear, crossbows and one handed weapons. She is a powerful warrior that can be of an immense help in battles because she is also a skillful commander.

The fifth character which can be picked is Vseslav, the Chieftain of the Forest Lands. This character is very strong and an excellent supporter of the squad. Those that are in his team are only depending on their strength. Also, those from the Forest Lands are the best manufacturers of axes.


There are many other characters that can help you in your task as Olga the Major Druid of the Forest lands, Sieg which is the Shogun of the Far East Empire, Niora the Mistress of the East Empire, Chingis the Khan of the Black Horde, Inga which is the Major Shaman of the Black Horde, Ismael Ruler of the South Desert and Diana Secret Assassin of the South Desert.

As you can see there is a wide range of characters that can be used. All of them have special moves and are masters with different weapons. You can choose any of them as they are all capable of offering you an immense help on the battle field.

How to play Feudalism 2

Compared to the previous game, Feudalism 2 is fairly easy to play (just like all Feudalism games). Below you can see the full list of the control keys. Feel free to print them if you can’t remember all of them 🙂 You can also watch the different walkthrough videos on our website if you need help completing some levels.

You can use for moving up the keys Up or W.

For going down you can use Down or S.

For moving to the left you can use Left or A.

For moving to the right you can use Right or D.

For attacking you can use Space, and for swap weapons you can use Shift.

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