Feudalism 4

Feudalism is the sequel for the Feudalism games. This is a strategic and full with action games, made especially for teens. The game has an outstanding graphic, great plot and powerful characters and weapons that can be used during the game. You will start as a local chief that has mighty goals. The goal of this game is to become the king of the kings. You will do everything possible in order to reach that level.

You will have to battle against powerful enemies. The game, which is sponsored by Arcade Town is an incredible well done one. You will not have time to get bored or sick of this game as everything will keep you close to it. The game has different game modes that can offer you special weapons.

Characters from Feudalism 4

There are multiple characters that can be used in the game . All of them have different and unique skills of combat that make them special. Some of the characters are masters in fighting with swords, spears, crossbows, simple bows and other guns. There are also characters that have magic. They are capable of using healing potions or scrolls for supporting your squad or they can cast spells that will bring fire, ice or lightning on the ground. All the characters are skillful and talented commanders that can lead a troop to victory no matter what.

The characters can be customized by you in order to make them faster, more powerful and better fighters with different weapons. When you will advance in the game you will have the possibility of creating your own characters that will be able to offer you a full victory upon your enemies.


Maps of Feudalism 4

The game comes with multiple maps as the map of your city, the world map, and the maps of the battle fields and so on. Each map is detailed and you will get several explanations about the specific map during the game (just like in Feudalism 3) . The map of your city has the buildings. Each building from your city has a different purpose as the manufacturing of the weapons and armors, the place where you gather your troops, the place where you can see your status as the hero, the place where you can declare war to other kingdoms and so on.


As it was mentioned above, the player is the local chief that has great dreams. Your task in the game will be to defeat your enemies in order to become a mighty king that can rule upon the entire world. In your task you will receive a great support from your troops that don’t need to be controlled as they are strong and wise enough to handle on their own. You will travel from place to place for encountering the kings of other lands and for defeating them. The task is not an easy one and you will have to rely on all your strategic skills for being able to end the game. But don’t worry – millions of people around the world played and completed the game. I am sure you will be able to do that as well.

How to play Feudalism 4

There are several keys that can be used for controlling the game :

  1. The key for movements are the next ones: for moving up you can use the arrow Up or W.
  2. If you want to go down you can use the arrow down or S.
  3. For going to the left side you can use the left arrow or A.
  4. If you want to move to the right you can use the right arrow or D.
  5. If you want to attack the enemy you can use Space and for swap weapons you can use Shift.
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