Feudalism games

Feudalism games are excellent strategic and action games that had put on roll many teens from all the corners of the world. These games are played daily by millions of people. There are not only the teens that show a great interest in these games but also adults. Being strategic games, they attracted the attention and the interest of many persons. The games are sponsored by Arcade Town. The popularity of the Feudalism games in unmatchable. They have perfect graphic, amazing sound effects and the plot is innovative and complex. Everything at these games will make you want to play more and more.

How to choose the characters from the Feudalism games


These games have a wide range of characters that can be picked function of their combat skills and not only. All the characters that can be found in the Feudalism games are talented commanders that are capable of supporting the teams. They have special fighting skills, many of the characters being capable of mastering several weapons. There are characters that rely only on strength, while others can rely on powerful weapons as guns, swords, axes, spears, bows and others. There are also characters that rely mostly on magic. These characters are masters of powerful spells that can summon fire, ice, demons, or lightning. The characters that possess magic are of an immense help as they are also capable of healing the player and the allies that were injured during the battles.

Weapons from the Feudalism games

There is a wide range of weapons that can be used in these games. The player can choose weapons as guns, SMGs, snipers, swords, axes, spears, bows, katanas and so on. The most crucial and helpful weapons are those of the wizards, and they are the spells. These spells can bring to the enemies a major damage.

The maps from the Feudalism games

There are several maps in the Feudalism games. There is the map that represents your land, on which you will see the buildings that belong to your city. You have the map of the entire world where are showed the other kingdoms that must be conquered by you and your troops, and also you have the map that shows you the battlefields. The first map that shows you the buildings put you in touch with the things that can help you the most. You will have several buildings from where you can see your status as player, a building from where you can declare war to other kingdoms, a building where you have the option of gathering troops but also to disband them. Also, there is a building where you produce the weapons and the armors as well a shop of magic where you can supply yourself with potions and scrolls that will be of a great help in the further battles.

Troops from the games


Your troops can be assembled and disband anytime you want. When you will choose the character it will automatically become the leader of the troops. However, you do not have to worry about the troops as they are capable to take care of their selves.

Games controls

The games can be all controlled with the same keys.

You can use for moving up the keys Up or W.

For moving down you can use Down or S.

For moving to the left you can use Left or A.

For moving to the right you can use Right or D.

For attacking your enemies can use Space, and if you want to swap weapons you can use Shift.

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