Feudalism tips

GOLDEN  TIP – Initially head off to the “new game” from the menu. Afterwards select any character you want. At that point right click on the screen and press play. Hold up a couple of seconds and furthermore there you have it a level 50 contract and unrestricted gold!

TIP 1 – To get unrestricted gold, you should have no less than ten troops in you holds. Take any unit you want and put them in the final spot for stores. Click on the bolt on the right and put the unit in that area. You can rehash this once more; however it is not essential to do so. At that point, move the unit alongside whatever is left of the stores. Save the diversion and shut your browser. Reload your recovered diversion record and head off to the encampment. Head off to the closure of the holds. Assuming that finished effectively, a unit will be glimmering between the sums of the unit looks. Offer this unit once more to the sleeping shelter and you will now have unrestricted gold.


TIP 2 – If you want to make easy money you can make this: place a reach weapon is your auxiliary weapon space (keeping your skirmish weapon in the first and foremost opening). At that point Remove your scuffle weapon and drag it and drop it on the extended weapon. This may as well give you an alternate one ran weapon of the same kind, continue utilizing it until you need to stop and offer them to shop. Better utilizing higher weapons (more cash).

TIP 3 – If you want to conquer a bigger city, but you lack troops you can try to capture them. However, if you lose you will start to return to the start of the game.

TIP 4 – If you head off to Alexandria and fill your wholeguard with fiery breakout hurlers and demolishers then when they are in fight at times swords fly buzzing around and are eye flickering between different weapons when they hit the ground they disappear.  When they get down on the land they are added to your stock. So you will have in your inventory lots of new weapons that can help you win the game.

TIP 5 – Begin off with the Viking character, and at that point get the same number troops as you can, do a few journeys get a great deal of cash and purchase about 30 more characters for your troops (yet you have to do this snappy on the grounds that towns are extremely feeble in the beginning) and after that go assault “kozuke”. However determine you have a few priests and potions with you, in the event that you win continue doing journeys until you have more kills then go fabricate a guard). This tips only works if you play the game on the Arcade town.


TIP 6 – Provided that you assault a city and lose, click quickly on the screen, and it will indicate a triumph screen with you having experience for the 50th level and also infinite gold. Continue clicking on and proceed until it will pop up each 5 seconds. At the same time if it happens that you get in a fight and you are solidified and your troops win you additionally have the city.

TIP 7 – There are many tricks that can be used in the Feudalism games that can lead you to a quick and complete victory. You must rely on your troops, to take complete advantage from the skills of your characters and as possible to use as many weapons. Once you will understand the basics of the games you will be capable to win easy all the tasks that can be found in the games.

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