Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3 is an amazing strategy game sponsored by Arcade Town. This game is meant for teens, but there are many adults that find it extremely entertaining to try it. This action game will bring to the player lots of weapons, characters and a complex plot. You have several maps on which you will get once you upgrade in levels. The quality of the game is an excellent one. You have great graphic, amazing sound effects and so on.

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Everything on this game will keep you entertained. The characters can be customized. Once you choose your character you can make it as you want. You can choose between 9 characters. There are 3 game modes and in each game mode you have 3 characters at your disposal. The other games from this series (including Feudalism 2) also have 3 gaming modes.

Characters from Feudalism 3


There are 3 classes of warriors that can be used in this game. The classes’ names can be changed, as well the character appearance.

The first class’ name is Crimson Empire. For this class you have 3 options when it comes to characters as Blade masters, Officers and Necromancers.

Blade Masters are melee warriors. They are masters when it comes to swords and spears. They can bring an amazing damage to the enemies.

Officers are extremely skilled when it comes to rifles and SMGs, but they also are extremely skilled in using the empire’s secret weapon: light sabers. The skills of this secret weapon rely most on dark magic, vampirism and self- buffs.

Necromancers are those that can control the best the dark magic and poison. They are capable of freezing; make someone into a poison bomb and so on. As mages they are also capable of heal faster and can support you with powerful spells.

The second class’ name is Red Order. At this class there are 3 warriors: Paladins, Defenders and Wizards.

Paladins are masters of swords, axes and hammers. They also have an incredible skill of turning back the damage to the enemy.

Defenders are the masters of big guns and SMGs. They are fast and they can easily avoid an attack. You can rely on them as they are capable of healing the nearby allies. These Defenders also rely a lot on the light sabers weapon.

Wizards as you can expect are masters of magic. They are capable of using fire, lightning, and other spells, which are also supportive.

The third class is that of the Sun Kingdom. Here are also three classes of warriors as Samurai, Mercenaries, and Druids.

Samurais are warriors, which had mastered the swords and katanas. The samurais are faster with the katanas, but they can only concentrate in battling a single enemy.

Mercenaries are troops that have incredible skills when it comes to pistols and plasma rifles. They have a secret weapon that is named gun blade and which can make a significant damage to the enemies.

Druids are controlling the magic of nature. They are capable of creating poison, lightning, and spell other great spells. They can also use magic for healing the allies.


How to play Feudalism 3

This is a strategic game, where the player must pick and customize the characters that will help him during the game. The missions are extremely attractive, and you will have to deal with different obstacles for finishing the game. The game can be saved easily so you can always start from where you have left. The first levels are easy of course, but the following ones may be hard to complete. Feel free to check out the walkthrough videos on our website. They are very useful and will help you for sure. I don’t recommend watching them before playing. Use them in case you are stuck, not to cheat.

Key controls

  • For going up you can use: Up and W.
  • For moving down: Down or S.
  • For going left: Left or A.
  • For going right: Right or D.
  • For attacking: Space or Ins.
  • For Swap Weapons: Shift.


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